EV Charging Station RFID Key Fobs


Key Fobs for EV Charging. Our secure RFID key fobs are made with high quality plastics and suited for use by customers on your EV charging network. We offer durable fobs made from hard TPU plastic or from more pliable PVC material. We also offer custom shapes and can applying adhesive backing to the fob so that it can be stuck on to a garage door opener, the back side of a phone or other device.

Custom Branded. All of our RFID key fobs can be custom branded with your logo, offered with laser UID or serial numbering, and produced in custom fob shapes.

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RFID Key Fobs for EV Charging Stations

RFID Key Fobs. Looking for something different to an RFID card? RFID key fobs and tags are a cost effective EV charging solution. Easy to replace if lost or worn out, RFID key fobs are a convenient alternative to cards and perfect for EV charging applications.

Custom Branding – Custom Shapes. We print RFID key fobs according to your custom branding or the branding of your customers. We also offer numbering, QR code or other special features. Custom key fob shapes are available for your project.

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Our Most Popular RFID Key Fobs for EV Charging Systems

Benchmark Project

ELECTRUM EV Charging Solutions Choses SYNOTAG. Sourcing for a high quality custom branded RFID key fob for use across their EV charing network, ELECTRUM chose the SM-9911 TPU Key Fob. The fob was custom printed using our high quality UV spot printing process with gradient in the logo and laser serial numbers added to the back side of the key fob.

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