Long Range RFID Readers


Reads of 3-10 meters. Our long range RFID readers are UHF ISO-18000-6B or 6C EPC Gen 2. Designed for applications in logistics, asset tracking, vehicle access control, manufacturing, personnel tracking and building security when mounted on a wall or pole. Our range of long-range RFID readers are available with different IP ratings for use in all types of weather and conditions.

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Long Range RFID Readers

For Long Distance RFID Tag Reading. Our UHF readers are 860MHz – 920MHz and read ISO18000-6B, EPC Class1 Gen2 (ISO18000-6C) tags and labels typically deployed in access control, logistics, inventory management, yard and loading dock management and tracking applications. Available with RS232 and 10/100M Ethernet and in a range of various IP rated housings with mounting hardware for poles or walls.

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About UHF Readers & Tags

SYNOTAG UHF RFID tag and reader systems use 860-960 MHz radio waves to identify items, assets, vehicles and people at distances ranging from 1-10+ meters. Like any other type of RFID system, a tag, a reader and a software application/database are all required to make UHF RFID system functional.

SYNOTAG UHF RFID tags are passive and mainly follow the EPC Global Gen2 (ISO 18000-63) UHF standard with ICs that range from 96 bits to 512 bits memory. The reading speed of UHF tags is much faster than either HF and LF tags and price per tags is generally lower. UHF tags can also be read at and written to from longer distances, but for some applications, you may not want an array of different UHF tags all being read all at the same time.

When choosing the right UHF tag for your application, you should consider factors such as the size, the expected antenna orientation at site, the reading angle and the area where the tag and reader need to function. Liquids, metals and people all have a tendency to reduce the read ranges when using a UHF tag that is not specifically designed for those special applications.

Long Range UHF Readers

UHF Reader Applications

Is a UHF Reader Right for Your Project?

A UHF RFID system has both advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when evaluating whether or not it is the correct technology for your project:


  • Passive tags that can be read at long range of 10+ meters
  • Relatively low cost with fast reading speeds and flexibility with memory size
  • Scanning many items at one time


  • UHF tags affixed to metal, liquids and people all have a reduced read distance
  • Multiple tag scanning is not desired for some applications and can cause misreads and collisions
  • Readers are more expensive than LF and HF tags, driving up overall system costs
Our UHF RFID tags and readers are normally deployed in these types of applications:
  • RFID for Asset Security
  • RFID for Asset Tracking
  • RFID for Vehicle Toll Collection
  • RFID for Vehicle Access Control
  • RFID for Container Management
  • RFID for Construction or Building Sites
  • RFID for Patient Wandering Applications
  • RFID for People Tracking and Access Control
  • RFID for Manufacturing and Production Management

SYNOTAG UHF readers are suited for a range of long distance RFID reading applications.

Inventory Management
Manfacturing & Logistics
Vehicle Access Control
Asset Tracking

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