NFC Wristbands


Functionality. Our NFC wristbands come in different styles and can be used as tickets, for cashless payments, as room keys, for access control, for fund raising and in NFC customer loyalty & marketing applications.

Customize Them. All of our NFC wristbands are available with customized event branding and other special requirements on request.

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NFC Wristbands

Our NFC wristbands can be fully branded to bring your event high visibility. Unleash the power of NFC by setting the wristband as the centre of functionality for everything on site: RFID payments, information sharing, VIP access, room keys … the list goes on. Connecting the NFC chip with a social media account allows your guests to show their social network what a great time they are having.

Choosing an NFC Wristband: Considerations

NFC Technology Adds Value

Using NFC wristbands to manage the various aspects of your event adds value to the guest experience and generates value for the event holder. Think about one wristband that can be tapped using an NFC reader or NFC enabled phone and used to handle almost every guest need. No more long line ups, no more leakage by using cash. Collect user data that can be leveraged downstream so that you can market subsequent events to the same people.

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Impact Branding

Any of our NFC wristbands can be branded in a high profile way, putting you right out there on every wrist for all to see. Secure NFC credentials on the RFID chip eliminate counterfeits and allow for smooth access to VIP areas as well as for the purchase of food, drinks and event swag.

Here are some things that you should consider when choosing an NFC wristband:

  • How long will the guests wear the wristband? A night, a day, a weekend?
  • Does it need to be fully secure or can it be removed and transferred?
  • Will it be used for gate access only? Or also have other functionality?
  • Different NFC wristbands have different chips, materials and costs. Which one do you really need?

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SYNOBAND is a Leader in NFC Wristbands

We are a leader in NFC and RFID wristbands and bracelets. Customer satisfaction comes from our high quality products and excellent customer service and support. Find out more about us and then contact us so that we can help you to make your project successful.

Typical Applications for NFC Wristbands & Bracelets

Get the most out of each NFC wristband or bracelet:

  • NFC Admission Ticketing
  • NFC Fund Raising
  • NFC Payments at Concession Stands
  • NFC Payments for Souvenir Swag
  • NFC Secure Access Control
  • NFC Event Management
  • NFC Marketing at the Concert Site
  • NFC Data Collection for Downstream Analysis

Secure NFC

Highly secure and contactless NFC wristbands bring functionality to one day or multi-day users.


NFC wristbands are unmatched compared to other types of ticketing technologies.

Clean and Safe

Reusable or disposable: NFC wristbands keep everyone safe & healthy at your event or venue.

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