PVC Key Fobs for All Applications. Our RFID PVC key fobs are made with high quality PVC. Use our PVC key fobs for memberships, EV charging, bike share, RFID access control on office doors & cabinets, for RFID locker locks, marketing applications and cashless RFID purchases of food, drinks or merchandise.

Custom Branded. All of our RFID PVC key fobs can be custom branded with your logo and offered with laser numbering and in custom fob shapes.

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RFID PVC Key Fobs. Our waterproof PVC key fobs are a long lasting and very cost effective RFID key tag solution. Easy to replace if lost or worn out, RFID key fobs are a cost effective solution and a great alternative to using keys. Use our custom printed PVC key fobs for RFID applications in access control, gaming, time clock attendance,  memberships, payments and many other RFID applications.

Custom Branding – Custom Shapes. We print our PVC key fobs according to your custom branding, numbering, QR code or other special features. 125 KhZ and 13.56 MHz fobs are available  as are custom PVC key fob shapes for your project.

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Our Most Popular RFID PVC Key Fobs

Endless Applications for RFID PVC Key Fobs.

Looking for something different to an RFID card? PVC RFID fobs are cost effective and can be used anywhere you can use a card.

EV Charging
Access Control

Benchmark Project

BCycle Chooses SYNOTAG PVC Key Fobs for Bike Share. Find out how BCycle deploys our RFID PVC key fobs (and Cards) across their bike sharing installations in major US cites as membership and payment cards for its thousands of bike share members.

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RFID enabled bike share station

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