RFID Bracelets for Hotels

RFID Bracelets for Hotels

Relax and Leave Your Cash Back in the Room

RFID bracelets are being used by the world’s best hotels to enhance their overall guest experience. While many hotels use an RFID bracelet as both a room key and for cashless purchases across the hotel or resort property, other hotels and resorts issue an RFID bracelet to allow for access to private beaches and changing rooms, for controlled access to VIP areas and club floors and also for making purchases at the pool bar, the lounge, and even the gift shop.

RFID bracelets allow hotel and resort guests the convenience to experience all that your property has to offer while enjoying the security of staying in a cashless environment. Guests receive an itemized statement and settle up their expenses when they check out. What could be easier?

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Suggested RFID Bracelets for Hotels

We offer many different RFID bracelet options for hotels and resorts. Here are some key considerations when choosing a SYNOBAND for use across your property:

  • How long is the typical guest stay?
  • Should the RFID bracelet remain on the wrist or can it be removed by the user?
  • How to replace a lost or missing RFID bracelet?
  • Should there be certain permission settings in your system for children?
  • Do you want to order and maintain different wristband sizes? Or a one size fits all wristband?
  • What kind of permissions to VIP guest areas and events do you wish to offer?


SYNOBANDS elevate your customer experience and offer these major benefits:


Align your brand with an exciting ‘tech buzz’.


Your logo, colours and other branding elements.


Available in different materials and sizes for any application.


Mine guest preferences for future stays and marketing.


High visibility branding and functionality on every wrist at low cost.


Easy one-tap purchases across your resort or hotel.