RFID Cards for Marketing


Custom Branded & Contactless. SYNOCARD RFID cards are perfect for marketing applications and brand activations where you need a low cost, high impact branding solution that creates a cool tech buzz along with sustained brand awareness and engagement.

RFID or NFC Cards. Use our cards with kiosk or desktop RFID readers or with an NFC enabled phone connected to an app. SYNOCARDs pair well with branded lanyards to inspire greater customer interaction amid a more impactful brand statement.

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RFID for Marketing & Brand Activations

Go Contactless. Using contactless RFID cards for experiential marketing and brand activations is a low cost way to create a tech buzz around your brand. Hand out customized RFID or NFC cards at your event. Allow guests to tap their way through different stations to engage with your brand and even post their experiences to their social media accounts. Cards can be cleaned and reused and allow access to VIP areas and to tap for swag once guest information has been collected.

Whether you are promoting a product using a stored value or discount card, holding a product lottery, or using the card to tap and experience something about your brand, RFID and NFC cards for marketing and brand activations drive a high impact experience at low cost.

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Our Most Popular Cards for RFID Marketing and Brand Activations

SYNOCARD RFID Brand Activation


Low costs SYNOCARD FUDAN RFID Cards were selected for HBO WestWorld experiential marketing events in four cities to kick off the new season. Find out more about this experiential marketing event on our portfolio page: WestWorld Marketing Events

SYNOCARD RFID cards can be custom branded and delivered anywhere globally to support your brand activation or experiential marketing events too. We are happy to share our experience during a free consultation, please contact us today!

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SYNOCARD is a Leading Supplier of Branded Contactless RFID Cards

We are a leading supplier of branded contactless cards. Customer satisfaction comes from our high quality products and excellent customer service and support. Please contact us so that we can offer a free consultation and help to make your project successful.

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