RFID Concert Wristbands


SYNOBAND RFID concert wristbands bring comfort, functionality and convenience to concert goers right across your venue. We offer the full range of 13.56 MHz Mifare wristband chips for RFID concert admission ticketing, allowing your guests to use secure RFID ticketing credentials at check-in and then for secure RFID cashless payments at your vendor stalls.

All of our RFID concert wristbands are available with customized concert branding and other special requirements on request.

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RFID Concert Wristbands

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Choosing the Right RFID Concert Wristband

Managing the admission of thousands of concert goers to your concert venue is a huge task that can benefit from the use of RFID admission bracelets. Reading admission tickets with a barcode reader is slow and results in misreads. SYNOBAND RFID concert wristbands rids you of that problem by allowing for faster reads, speeding up entry and keeping line-ups manageable for better crowd control and security.

Choosing RFID concert wristbands for your event is also an opportunity to promote your brand, or to sign up sponsors that wish to promote their brand, in high profile way on every wrist. Secure RFID credentials on the chip eliminate counterfeit tickets and allow for other benefits too, such as VIP area access control and cashless payments for drinks, food and concert swag, eliminating leakage and the need for cash management.

Here are some things that you should consider when choosing the right RFID concert wristband:

  • How long will the guests wear the wristband? A night, a day, a weekend?
  • Does it need to be fully secure or can it be removed and transferred?
  • Will it be used for gate access only? Or also for cashless payments and/or marketing?
  • Can you get sponsors? How much branding space do they need on the band?
  • Different concert wristbands have different materials and costs. Which one do you really need?

Typical Applications for RFID Concert Wristbands:

  • RFID Admission Ticketing
  • RFID Payments at Concession Stands
  • RFID Payments for Souvenir Swag
  • RFID Secure Access Control
  • RFID Event Management
  • RFID Marketing at the Concert Site
  • RFID Data Collection for Downstream Analysis