RFID Door Locks


SYNOLOCK door locks use contactless RFID keys to open doors in offices, hotels, homes and in rental properties. Easy to install or retrofit into existing door and mortise configurations. We offer RFID door locks in 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz configurations.

Pair our RFID door locks with a contactless wristband, card or key fob for a turnkey RFID door lock solution.

Secure Access Control

Easy Installation & Retrofit

Contactless Door Keys

SYNOLOCK RFID Door Locks Bring Convenience & Security

RFID door locks are perfect for new installations or for upgrading your hotel or resort property to RFID technology. Your guests and staff will love the convenience of contactless keys and the reliability that RFID locks bring over mag stripe or other contact card solutions.

Our RFID door locks are battery operated and do not require wiring. Pair your locks with one of our contactless RFID wristbands, key fobs or key cards and pass them out to your guests. RFID room keys can also be used in other areas of your property, such as for one tap NFC payments or for access to special areas.

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