RFID for Social Media

RFID for Social Media

Event Amplification. Using RFID or NFC wristbands connected to a social media account creates deeper engagement with social networks for your brand activation, dance party, trade show or RFID marketing event.

Any Form Factor. Our RFID wristbands, RFID key fobs or RFID cards can all be connected with an event attendees social media account and scanned or tapped on an RFID reader to create moments that are posted and shared with thousands of people across their social network.

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Setting Up RFID for Social Media

Our RFID tags have been used to create social media connections at major events for high profile brands around the world. Our huge selection of RFID wristbands, RFID key fobs and RFID cards are easily branded and can often be customized with special features to meet your client requirements.

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Connecting RFID or NFC with Social Media: What You Need to Know

Brand Ambassadors. RFID connected to social media turns your event goers into brand ambassadors. RFID tags create different points of brand or product engagement at RFID photo spots that are positioned around your venue. That engagement and the event itself are amplified across social media, potentially reaching thousands of users among different socal networks.

Advanced registration allows you to capture customer data such as an email address, phone number and social media account(s) that can give you a data-driven understanding of your customer base. Capturing their activity at the event allows you to market to them more effectively downstream.

Think out of the box. There are literally endless benefits to using RFID for social media. Here are some things you need to know:

  • RFID tags have a unique identification number called a UID embedded into the chip.
  • The UID number is used to link the user with a database record created at/for an event.
  • Customer information is recorded to the database record during pre-registration or on-site registration.
  • An RFID tag is read by a reader that causes an experience to occur for the user. That experience is shared instantly to the social media network they have indicated in the database.
  • User database record data can offer post-event contact and direct marketing streams.

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RFID for Social Media is a Brand Owners Dream

Who doesn’t want to deploy a cool low-cost technology that creates a real-time buzz around a brand and engages people who are not even at the event? Using RFID for social media makes that possible. Our RFID wristbands, RFID key fobs and RFID cards are cost effective and easy to deploy, driving cost-to-benefit both during the event and afterward by using captured consumer data as touch points for downstream marketing and event follow up opportunities.


SYNOTAG RFID Wristbands Connected Users With Social Media At These Events.

US Olympic Committee

US Olympic Road to Rio Tour

SYNOMETRIX was selected as the RFID wristband technology partner to deliver a carefully branded RFID wristband on time and in large volumes.

Coca-Cola & Facebook

Coca-Cola & Facebook

Logi-Tag RFID Israel selected a SYNOTag Silicone Wristband with I Code Sli IC and a colour logo for its Facebook Coca-Cola Village pool party.

FIFA World Cup custom Tyvek wristband with full color gradient printing and unique QR code

FIFA World Cup Tour

SYNOBAND TYVEK wristbands with QR code and unique URL were chosen for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Tour that travelled to over 50 countries.

Choosing RFID Tags for Social Media Applications

RFID for social media applications typically use an RFID wristband, RFID card or an RFID key fob. We have a full selection to choose from that can be branded to meet your exact requirements. Please contact us for a free consultation or prices.

Single Use RFID Wristbands



RFID Access Cards


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