RFID for the Office

RFID for the Office

Transform the Work Day. Deploy an RFID system at the office for access control to rooms, doors, cabinets and lockers. Our contactless access control cards and wristbands create a more secure office environment, allowing access to different spaces for those with the right credentials.

Endless Office Applications. Open doors, RFID lockers, locked drawers and secure cabinets. Combine our access control wristbands with an RFID time clock to monitor staff attendance. Distribute one time use wristbands or reusable contactless cards to visitors and guests.

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RFID for the Office

High-tech Workplace. RFID technology at your office, warehouse or other type of workplace creates a secure and convenient environment for your staff. Issue an RFID wristband, contactless card or fob for access control and allow your staff to access all or only some areas of the work environment. Keep a log of time stamps to see who went where and when or install a time clock to keep employees on time. RFID office credentials can also be linked to RFID locker locks and secure drawers and cabinet locks to bring a higher level of security to the work place.

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Contactless RFID Cards

Use our contactless prox cards for access control at the office or warehouse.

Contactless RFID Office Wristbands

Let your staff enjoy controlled access to the office, lockers, cabinets and drawers.

RFID Cabinet Locks

Battery operated, wireless and easy to install. Perfect for the office or workplace.

Benchmark Project

Portfolio: HubSpot Custom Wristbands & Fobs

HubSpot needed a branded silicone RFID bracelet for access control that was easy to put on, comfortable to wear and that would not scratch their laptops and office equipment. SYNOMETRIX worked with HubSpot to design what is now the SM-7000 SLIM wristband and also provided a custom HubSpot Mifare 1 RFID key fob that is branded using our advanced UV printing technology.

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SYNOMETRIX RFID Office Credentials

SYNOMETRIX is a leader in providing plain or branded RFID credentials for the office or workplace. Fast service and factory prices; get the RFID wristbands, cards or fobs you need for secure office access control delivered to one site or to your office sites globally.

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