RFID Gym Key Fobs


Members Love RFID Gym Key Fobs. Our RFID gym key fobs are contactless and allow your members convenient tap-in/tap-out access to your gym or fitness center. Made with high quality and durable PVC, our RFID gym key fobs can also be used to open RFID lockers, on RFID enabled gym equipment and even for making small purchases of food, drinks or merchandise at your gym.

Custom Branded. All of our RFID gym key fobs can be custom branded with your logo and other special requirements and offered in custom shapes.

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RFID Gym Key Fobs

RFID Membership Key Fobs. Our waterproof PVC gym member key fobs are a contactless, long lasting and cost effective solution for handing access control for gym members. Assign an RFID key fob, set it up in your database, and the member then can tap-in and tap out when they come to work out. Easy to replace if lost or worn, RFID key fobs are a cost effective solution for gym memberships.

Custom Branding – Custom Shapes. We print our PVC key fobs with your custom branding, numbering, QR or other features specific to your gym. We offer 125 KhZ and 13.56 MHz fobs that gym members can use on RFID locker locks, RFID enabled gym equipment, and for small purchases at your facility. We also offer custom PVC key fob shapes for your project.

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Our Most Popular RFID Gym Key Fobs

Benchmark Project

YMCA Australia chooses the SM-8000 MOVE for their fitness centers. Find out how the YMCA deployed our SM-8000 MOVE wristbands, RFID cards and key fobs across their fitness centers to improve the gym and pool experience for thousands of it members.

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