RFID Gym Wristbands


High Tech Workouts. RFID gym wristbands are contactless, allowing your members safe and trouble free access to your gym, fitness center or sports complex. High quality, super comfortable and hypo-allergenic, our RFID gym wristbands are also used for RFID lockers, gym equipment use or rental, towel loan and for making small purchases of food or drinks at your venue.

Custom Branded. All of our RFID gym wristbands are available with customized branding and other special requirements on request.

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RFID Gym Wristbands & Bracelets

For Members & Drop Ins. Our waterproof silicone gym wristbands are suited for members with TYVEK wristbands suited for drop-ins. Our silicone gym wristbands are made from high quality silicone that is difficult to break, easy on/off and comfortable to wear.

Custom Branded. Logos on premium bands are printed using durable silicone ink that does not wear off like the silk-screen logos used on standard bands. Laser debossed logos infilled with ink are also available. TYVEK bands are printed in solid colours or with your custom graphics.

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Choosing the Right RFID Wristband for Your Gym: Considerations

Considerations when choosing the right RFID gym wristband:

  • Contactless: No need to touch anything keeps your members healthy.
  • Comfort: Our wristbands are made of high quality super comfortable hypo-allergenic silicone.
  • Durability: We use stretchy silicone that does not easily snap. We use silicone ink logo printing to ensure long term durability.
  • Fixed size or Adjustable? Do you wish to manage many sizes or use one-size fits all?
  • Membership Levels: Different colour wristbands for different levels of membership and access to programs.
  • Sizes: SYNOBANDS come in a full range of sizes for adults and children.

Which SYNOBAND should you choose?

SM-8000 MOVE Silicone Wristband: This is our most popular waterproof RFID gym wristband. Comfortable, durable, comes in adult and child sizes and is easy to put on. Logo or branding can be added to the wristband face and on the solid part of the strap using highly durable silicone ink. Laser engraving and colour infill is also available for this wristband.

SM-7000 SLIM Silicone Wristband: This is also a popular RFID gym wristband. Comfortable, durable, slim on the wristband and is easy to put on. Your logo or branding can be added to the wristband face and on the solid part of the strap using highly durable silicone ink or laser engraving with colour infill.

SM-8847 Silicone Wristband: The 8847 is a popular choice for those seeking comfort and durability in a waterproof silicone RFID wristband that comes in different sizes. The SM-8847 has a large face for branding and comes in many different colours.

SM-8834 TYVEK Wristband: What do you do when a member shows up without their wristband or brings a guest? You issue a 8834 TYVEK wristband and let them get on with their workout routine. These durable and cost effective one time use wristbands go on easy and can be offered in solid colours or with full branding.

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Our Most Popular RFID Gym Wristbands & Bracelets

Using RFID Wristbands for Membership Management: Applications

SYNOBAND makes managing your gym memberships easy! Our RFID gym wristbands bring a range of cost-effective benefits to your members. Use our silicone wristbands for gym or pool access control, RFID lockers, logging individual workout data on exercise machines and at workout stations, for towel and equipment loan or rental and to make small purchases of food, drinks or merchandise at your gym or sports complex.

Contactless for greater member safety. Our RFID gym wristbands are contactless, which means your members health and safety is not compromised by having to touch a key pad or fingerprint biometric device. Our silicone wristbands are also easy to clean, as they are made from high quality food grade silicone that can easily be sanitized with soap and water, a disinfecting wipe or a spray solution.

Great for the gym, pool, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and shower. Reading member cards with a barcode reader is slow and outdated. SYNOBAND RFID gym wristbands allow for fast reads on a fixed or mobile reader at the gym entrance or by patrolling the gym. Our wristbands are also an opportunity to promote your brand or to sign up sponsors that wish to promote their brand or event in highly visible way on every wrist.

Typical Applications for RFID Gym Wristbands:

  • Contactless Membership Management
  • Gym Entry Control
  • Payments for Food and Beverage
  • Towel Loan and Return
  • Equipment Loan or Rental
  • User Times on Machines

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Benchmark Project

YMCA Australia chooses the SM-8000 MOVE for their fitness centers. Find out how the YMCA deployed our SM-8000 MOVE wristbands, RFID cards and key fobs across their fitness centers to improve the gym and pool experience for thousands of it members.

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