RFID for Hotels and Resorts

RFID for Hotels & Resorts

Transform the Guest Experience. Deploying an RFID system across your hotel, resort or vacation property will transform the entire guest experience.

Convenience & Security. Our RFID lock and wristband systems ensure better security, with wristbands used for contactless access control to guest rooms and club floors and amenities like gyms, lockers, spas, and premium lounges. Be done with the endless signing of receipts: allow your guests to wander freely, make cashless purchases, borrow towels or rent equipment with one tap.

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RFID Systems for Hotels & Resorts

High-tech Hospitality. Adopting RFID technology at your hotel or resort drives a secure, convenient and better managed experience for your guests. Issue an RFID wristband to each guest at check in. Allow guests to move seamlessly across your property, enjoying access to amenities and easy one-tap payments for food and beverages. Cashless RFID payments will increase your revenues and eliminate staff leakage, with an itemized statement or folio for the guest to settle when they check out. What could be easier?

Our RFID door locks, wristbands and locker locks are designed to work together with any third party property management system. Please contact us today for a free consultation!

Learn More: Using an RFID System at Your Hotel

Using an RFID System at Your Hotel

At the heart of an enjoyable guest experience is issuing right kind of RFID wristband. Our wristbands are designed to work with our various locks and also with third party locking and guest management systems. Brand our wristbands with your hotel or resort logo and get them shipped directly to any hotel in your chain. We offer excellent products and support for large hotel brands and resorts as well as for boutique hotels and smaller resort properties.

Assuming that you have installed RFID locks on your room doors and perhaps the lockers in your gym, pool or spa, here are some considerations when choosing a SYNOBAND:

  • Silicone, PVC or fabric? What type of wristband, or combination or wristbands will you need?
  • Will the guests be comfortable wearing the wristband for the length of their stay? Should the wristband remain on the wrist or can it be removed by the guest? Will you handle short term and long term guests differently?
  • How will you replace lost or missing RFID wristbands?
  • Will there be certain permission settings in your system for different guests? For children?
  • Do you want to maintain different wristband sizes or have a one size fits all solution?
  • What kind of permissions to special guest areas and events do you wish to offer?
  • Will the wristband or bracelet be used for payments? Do your POS systems allow for that or need to upgraded?
  • Can the guest tap on a reader to rent equipment and borrow towels at your pool?

The RFID wristband will become just one part of the whole RFID system running at your hotel or resort, but because it is a direct part of the guest experience, deciding on the right wristband is very important. In addition to the wristband, you will need a system that includes software, locks, POS and other readers operating at your hotel.

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Hotel Door Locks

Fast and easy to install. Our contactless hotel door locks are battery operated and do not require wiring.

Contactless Wristbands

Guests enjoy convenient access control, rentals & one tap payments across your property.

RFID Locker Locks

Battery operated, wireless and easy to install. Perfect for hotel gyms, pools, spas and left luggage.

Guest Parking

Easy hotel guest parking solutions using our RFID key cards or our long-range UHF windshield tags.

Portfolio: Acqualina Resort Miami Chooses SYNOBAND

Dedicated to an ultra-luxury guest experience, the branding and management teams at Aqualina Resort Miami worked together with SYNOMETRIX to explore customized options for their new guest wristband. The band is designed to elevate the premium Aqualina guest experience, allowing for seamless RFID hotel door entry as well as access control to amenities and for payments at touch points across the resort. The SM-8847 silicone wristband was chosen in a custom Pantone colour with a debossed Aqualina logo, bringing convince and a subtle brand statement to the wrist of every valued guest.

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