RFID Loyalty Cards


Loyalty Cards are Smart Cards. Our contactless RFID loyalty cards conform to ISO 14443 standards and are perfect for RFID/NFC loyalty card applications. Our loyalty cards are made with high quality PVC and custom printed so that they last over time, bringing high value to your loyalty program at low cost per card.

Loyalty Card Applications. Contactless RFID loyalty cards are a perfect way to drive customer loyalty at your business. Hand them out and scan them each time a customer visits your business. Gain downstream data that can be used in targeted marketing applications.

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RFID Loyalty Cards

Our RFID loyalty cards are made using high quality PVC and suited to all RFID and NFC loyalty card applications. Get them printed with your branding on front and back and special features that make them custom to your business. Our RFID smart loyalty cards give you all the benefits of a highly secure RFID loyalty program at low cost.

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RFID Loyalty Cards: Why Your Business Should Use Them

Use RFID Loyalty Cards to Collect Data and Manage Your Business

There is nothing new about loyalty cards, but combining an RFID chip into a loyalty card has opened up the opportunity to collect more customer data and enhance the customer experience at your business by making data driven decisions that stem from RFID loyalty cards.

Inside an RFID loyalty card is a microchip that is used to contain customer data, such as their name, address, and so on. That information is linked to a database record in a CRM system, and each time they tap their loyalty card at your business, you collect data like the time of day they were there, what they bought, what they ate, and even how they interacted with different parts of your business.

Collecting and analyzing this kind of data allows you the benefit of seeing how they interact with your business so that you can target your customers more directly an enhance their experience through marketing and promotional campaigns.  As part of your loyalty program, you may have to offer up a discount or occasional freebie, but that is a small price to pay compared with the benefits you can reap with an RFID loyalty card.

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Popular RFID Loyalty Cards

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