RFID Self Pour Wristbands


Self Pour. RFID self pour wristbands allow your customers to self pour their favourite craft beers and other beverages to their hearts content. All of our RFID self pour wristbands are contactless and available with custom branding and other special requirements on request.

Self Serve. Our RFID self serve wristbands can also be used for other contactless self-serve applications in food and beverage, as can our RFID cards, which some self serve brew pubs and bars choose to use for their customers.

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RFID Self Pour Wristbands

Disposable or Reusable. All of our wristbands are suited to RFID self pour or self serve applications. For memberships or repeat customers, silicone wristbands tend to be a popular choice. Silicone wristbands can also be issued to guests at bars and brew pubs on entry and retrieved when they leave. For those who prefer the convenience of a disposable self pour self serve wristband, we offer fabric, PVC, TYVEK and thermal paper options, all of which can be offered with custom branding.

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Self Pour RFID Wristbands: Benefits

Beyond the cool factor that RFID brings to any customer application, there is a range of other benefits that self pour RFID wristbands bring to your business:

  • More Sales: Wristbands drive higher sales owing to the disassociation with cash. It always feels easier to spend in a ‘foreign’ currency.
  • Data Collection: Better understand what beers are selling to what demographic and fine tune your marketing to drive higher sales.
  • Engagement: Wristbands with your logo drive greater customer engagement with your brand and your brews.
  • Faster Service: No waiting for busy servers means more engagement with your products and savings on staffing costs.
  • Viral Marketing: Customers will love the experience so much that they will tell their friends and/or post to their social media accounts, amplifying their experience and becoming your brand ambassadors.

Choosing the Right RFID Wristband for Self Pour Bar: Considerations

Here are some considerations when choosing the right RFID self pour wristband:

  • Reusable or disposable? Reusable wristbands need to be cleaned and disinfected. Cheaper wristbands with silk-screened logo can look worn after a short period of time. Customers like to retain wristbands as souvenirs, so how to handle losses? Disposable wristbands are a one-and-done and are low cost enough to be worked into the price of a pint … or two.
  • Fixed size or Adjustable? Do you wish to manage many sizes of wristband for the many sizes of customer wrists? Or just manage and distribute a one-size fits all wristband?
  • Membership Levels: Consider different colour wristbands for different levels of membership if needed.
  • Gift Cards: Can the wristbands be offered like pre-loaded gift cards with different denominations?
  • RFID Card Option: Do your guests prefer a card over a wristband?

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Our Most Popular Self Pour Wristbands


First Draft Tap Room Self Pour Brew Pubs Choose SYNOBAND

First Draft added their logo to our SM-8850 silicon wristband and deployed those at some of their locations. At other locations, our SYNOCARD Mifare 1 RFID cards with one sided printing were selected for use, as at some locations, customers preferred cards over wristbands.

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