RFID Spa Wristbands


Relaxing Convenience. Our RFID spa wristbands are designed for use in dry, wet or steamy environments like the shower, the sauna, the hot tub, pool or massage table. Spas are all about relaxing and low stress, so let your guests use them for convenient locker access and to make cash-free purchases of services, food and beverage with a single tap on your payment terminal.

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RFID Spa Wristbands & Bracelets

Our spa wristband and bracelets are made from premium silicone, plastic or vinyl that is easy on/easy off and really comfortable to wear. All of our reusable spa wristbands are are easy to clean and disinfect for long lasting use. Our disposable spa wristbands offer all of the same RFID functionality.

Choosing the Right RFID Wristband for Your Spa: Considerations

Our RFID spa wristbands are waterproof and offer full RFID functionality to your guests.

Outfit your beautiful spa with our beautiful SYNOBAND spa wristbands to elevate your guest experience. Here are some considerations when thinking about an RFID wristband for your spa:

  • Contactless: No need to touch anything. That keeps your guests healthy and happy.
  • Comfort: We use premium materials.
  • Durability: Easy to clean and long lasting.
  • Fixed size or Adjustable? Do you wish to manage many sizes or use one-size fits all?
  • Membership Levels: Different colour wristbands for different levels of membership and access to programs.
  • Sizes: SYNOBANDS come in a full range of sizes for adults and children.

Which SYNOBAND should you choose?

SM-8000 MOVE Silicone Wristband: This is our most popular waterproof RFID gym wristband. Comfortable, durable, comes in adult and child sizes and is easy to put on. Logo or branding can be added to the wristband face and on the solid part of the strap using highly durable silicone ink. Laser engraving and colour infill is also available for this wristband.

SM-8001 Waterproof Plastic RFID Wristband: This is our most popular spa wristband for its easy on/off band and waterproof durability. Less expensive than most other silicone options. Can be laser numbered and comes in a range of colours.

SM-7000 SLIM Silicone Wristband: This is also a popular RFID spa wristband. Comfortable, durable, slim on the wristband and is easy to put on. Your logo or branding can be added to the wristband face and on the solid part of the strap using highly durable silicone ink or laser engraving with colour infill.

SM-8847 Silicone Wristband: The 8847 is a popular choice for those seeking comfort and durability in a waterproof silicone RFID wristband that comes in different sizes. The SM-8847 has a large face for branding and comes in many different colours.

SM-8830 TYVEK Wristband: These durable and cost effective one time use wristbands go on easy and can be offered in solid colours or with full branding.

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SYNOBAND RFID Spa Wristbands and Bracelets are Cost-effective & High Quality

Clean and Safe

Lockers, access control and payments. Contactless RFID spa wristbands protect your staff & visitors.

Easy & Convenient

Fully functional RFID credentials right on the wrist. Nothing to carry and nothing to lose.

Members & Guests 

Drive more value for your guests. Set up different permissions, discounts and loyalty programs in your data base.

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