RFID Wristband Solutions

RFID festival wristbands in action

RFID Wristband Solutions

RFID wristband solutions can drive new streams of revenue while collecting user data that creates downstream touch points for ongoing marketing and sales promotions. More than just for access control, RFID wristband solutions are used for concert ticketing, cashless payments, social media and brand marketing. Hotels and hostels are now using RFID wristbands as room keys and for RFID locker and equipment rentals.

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RFID Wristbands Solutions

Our RFID wristband solutions have been deployed by high profile brand owners at major events around the world. We also work closely with countless other customers who need those same high quality wristbands for smaller events or for access control, ticketing, cashless payments or stored value applications at their business, hotel or resort.

We offer a complete selection of RFID wristbands that are easily branded with special features to meet your client requirements.

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RFID Wristband Solutions: What You Need to Know.

  • RFID tags have a unique identification number called a UID embedded into the chip.
  • The UID number links the user with a database record created at/for an event.
  • RFID tag is read by a reader that causes an experience to occur for the user.
  • User experience could be tailored based on assigned permissions in a database.
  • UID can be linked to social media account for instant posting of user experience.
  • User database record data can offer post-event contact and direct marketing streams.

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Choosing an RFID Wristband Solution

Cost vs Value: When choosing an RFID wristband solution you must of course consider cost, but often overlooked is the value that RFID wristbands can generate and the convenient experience that they bring to the user. For access control, RFID wristbands offer a high level of security, for ticketing, RFID wristbands help to eliminate counterfeits, RFID wristbands used for cashless payments eliminate cash from your venue or property, reducing leakage.

Endless possibilities: The applications seem endless and we have a full selection of RFID wristbands that will meet your requirements.

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Fabric RFID wristband access control at a festival

Fabric Wristbands

RFID wristband used in gym or fitness facility

Silicone Wristbands

PVC Wristbands

Printed TYVEK wristbands with QR code and serial number

Tyvek Wristbands

Paper Wristbands

Plastic Wristbands

SYNOTAG RFID Wristband Solutions in Action.


HubSpot Access Control

Our SM-7000 SLIM silicone wristband was custom developed for HubSpot and used for secure RFID access control at their offices worldwide.

US Olympic Committee

US Olympic Road to Rio Tour

Our SM-8030 PVC Mifare 1 wristbands were branded for an RFID photo booth and social media application at events across America.

Activate Active Gaming

Our SM-8000 MOVE silicone wristbands with logo secure customer valuables and are used for a stored credit application at their gaming centers.

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