RFID Wristbands for Festivals


SYNOBAND RFID wristbands for festivals are available in 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz, NFC and UHF frequencies. SYNOBAND come in a range of materials and some are waterproof to meet a full range of RFID festival wristband applications. Read distance is approximately 15-30 cm (depending on tag type and reader). Suitable for applications where reading one wristband at a time (LF and HF) or many at a time (UHF) is desired.

Applications: RFID access control, RFID ticketing and RFID stored credit applications. SYNOBAND RFID Wristbands wear comfortably for a few hours or a few days at festivals, fairs, concerts and dance parties.

Construction: SYNOBAND Festival RFID wristbands are disposable and secured so that the band cannot be removed unless it is cut from the wrist. The RFID tag portion remains readable after the wristband is cut.

Suggested RFID Wristbands for Festivals


SYNOBANDS elevate your customer experience and offer these major benefits:


Align your brand with an exciting ‘tech buzz’.


Delivered with your logo, colours and other branding elements.


Available in different materials and sizes for any application.


Mine user and event data for post-event analysis. Create targeted downstream marketing strategies and revenue streams.


High visibility branding and functionality on every wrist at low cost.


Admission, drink and food lines move faster and that creates happy guests.