RFID Wristbands for HOA’s & Condo Rentals


Contactless & Convenient. Use our secure RFID wristbands to manage your HOA or vacation condo rental property. Allow for one tap contactless access control to pools, amenities and other secure areas of your HOA or condo rental property.

Custom Branded RFID. SYNOBAND RFID wristbands wear comfortably and can be custom branded for your property. We offer many options and different price points to choose from for both owners and short term guests.

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RFID Wristbands for HOA and Vacation Condo Rentals

Plain or Custom Branded for Your Property. SYNOBAND RFID wristbands for home owner associations and vacation condo rental properties are available in 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz, NFC and UHF frequencies. Choose from our full range of one time use disposable wristbands, standard grade silicone bands as well as premium silicone bands for owners and longer stay guests.

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Our Most Popular RFID Wristbands for Condos and HOAs

SYNOACCESS RFID Wristband Software

Improving the guest experience and generate new streams of revenue! SYNOACCESS is a web-based platform used to pre-sell RFID wristbands and parking passes to vacation condo rental guests before they arrive. Allow your guests seamless access control to your amenities and parking areas as well as one-tap RFID payments and much more. Learn more…

Easy Condo Rental Management!

Owners of vacation rental condos can now manage their property from anywhere. No more meeting with guests to hand them the keys or relying on PIN codes and keypads. When you enrolled the primary guest in SYNOACCESS, they receive a text message with a QR code that they scan when they arrive to pick up their arrival package and RFID wristbands.

Generate Better Guest Reviews!

Use SYNOACCESS wristband management software to improve security across your property and generate significant new reviews. SYNOBAND wristbands prevent unauthorized access or use of your amenities and owners are given security updates about any guests who break rules, resulting in a better managed vacation experience for each guest at your property.

Why HOA’s & Condo Rentals Use RFID Wristbands

Clean & Contactless

Contactless & passive RFID wristbands for amenity access control.

Cashless RFID Payments

One tap RFID tap payments for food, beverage and rentals at your property.

Access Control

RFID access control to your property and facilities keeps the wrong people out.

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