RFID Vehicle Access Control


RFID Parking & Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Manage what vehicles access your parking lot, yard or facility and improve security and traffic flow. Deploy our RFID windshield tags and UHF readers for vehicle access control in all types parking applications. Our 2.4 GHz Active RFID readers and tags are also perfect for RFID vehicle tracking, parking and access control to your yard, factory or facility.

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RFID Vehicle Management

Using RFID for vehicle management can bring a lot of benefits to your business. Generate smoother access to and from your lots. Reduce costs by removing cash, credit card payments and attendants from your site to operate an automated system for daily or monthly vehicle parking. Or set up a system for your hotel that uses room cards to allow access to guests.

RFID Vehicle Access Control Solutions: Considerations

There are a number of factors that you must consider when choosing an RFID vehicle access control system for your application.

RFID Parking Applications

Most RFID parking management applications use a UHF system with a reader set at the entrance to the lot and a windshield tag on the vehicle window that triggers a gate or door when it comes into range of the reader. A time stamp can also be collected at the time of entry and exit for paid parking applications. UHF windshield tags can be printed with your custom graphics and be offered as a stick on tag for inside the windshield or as a hang tag from the rear-view mirror.

Hotels and resorts tend to use the RFID room card for access to the parking lot. These are normally a 13.56 MHz Mifare 1 card that is used by the guest across the property.

RFID Vehicle Access & Tracking Applications

RFID vehicle access & tracking is best achieved using our 2.4 GHz active RFID windshield tag and readers. Set up a an active RFID reader at a gate, door, docking bay or other access point. The tag is a beacon that is seen by the reader when the vehicle comes into range. The tag can be used to trigger a gate or door opening and show what time a vehicle entered or extend the property, what docking bay it stopped at and for what time period.

UHF or Active? Pros and Cons.

UHF tags are passive and so they do not need a battery. A UHF system is best suited to applications where the vehicle can line itself up easily with a UHF reader in order to trigger a gate or door. The cost of a UHF tag is circa USD 1-2.00/pc depending on what you need so that is also a considering when choosing a UHF tag for vehicle access control applications.

Active tags have a longer read range as they are battery operated and operate as a beacon. A vehicle does not need to be properly lined up with a reader for a gate or door or to be triggered, the tag only need be within range of the reader. We offer omni-directional and directional readers. Price is in the USD 6-10.00 range depending on quantity and and custom requirements.

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