Waterproof RFID Wristbands


Reusable or Single Use. Waterproof RFID bracelets and wristbands for use at your water park, private beach, spa, gym, sauna or pool. Issue them as tickets or as memberships and control who can use or access different areas or your hotel, resort, water park or sports facility. Your customers and guests can also use waterproof RFID wristbands to rent gear, towels or to buy food and beverages with a tap of the wristband.

Plain or Custom Branded: Our waterproof RFID wristbands come plain or with your custom branding. Get your special pantone colour on the bands and add your logo or other graphics.

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Waterproof RFID Wristbands & Bracelets

For Members. Our premium silicone wristbands are made from high quality silicone that is difficult to break and comfortable to wear. Logos are printed using durable silicone ink that does not wear off like silk-screen logos. Laser debossed logos infilled with ink are also available. We also offer value options for our silicone wristbands and bracelets with silk-screen logos and custom colours.

For Drop-ins. Our single use PVC and vinyl wristbands are fully waterproof and come in solid colours with or without your custom branding.

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Our Most Popular Waterproof RFID Wristbands & Bracelets

SYNOMETRIX is a Leader in Customized Waterproof RFID Wristbands

We are a leading supplier of customized RFID wristbands for waterparks and pools. Customer satisfaction comes from our high quality products and excellent customer service and support. Find out more about us and then contact us so that we can help you to make your project successful.

Clean and Safe

Contactless waterproof RFID wristbands for lockers, tickets, access control and payments.

Easy Tap Convenience

RFID credentials on a waterproof wristband. Nothing to carry, nothing to lose.

Members and Day Use Guests

Use silicone for memberships and the vinyl or PVC wristbands for your day users.

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