Time Control LED Wristbands & Bracelets

Time Control LED Wristbands & Bracelets

Capture More Revenue. LED time control wristbands help you maximize revenue right down to the minute. No more staff running around checking on paper wristbands. SYNOBAND LED timer wristbands change colours to let guests know how much time they have left and turn solid red and vibrate when paid time has run out.

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SL-344H Rocket

Modernize the Guest Experience

Those paper wristbands you’ve been using for years are too old school for the new school. Using LED time control wristbands upgrades your FEC right away, allowing for better facility management and a more enjoyable guest experience.

SL-344H Savings

Reduce Staff Costs

LED timer wristbands visually impact the atmosphere in your facility and make it easy for staff to scan the crowds and check to see whose time is up. Increase your revenues by using staff more efficiently and by capturing more paid time that is otherwise lost.

SL-344H Cash Register

Add RFID Functionality

Adding RFID to an LED timing wristband is a great way to extend wristband functionality and impact guest convenience. Allow your guests to secure their valuables in an RFID enabled locker or to make RFID payments for food, beverage or merchandise with a single tap.

LED Time Management Wristband Systems

Which LED Time Management System Is Right For You?

Wristband + Programmer

User Case: Best suited for FEC’s with a set time admissions package, for example, 60 minutes of play for a set fee. The programmer can be set to 60 minutes and set to change colour at the 30 minute mark. When time is up, the LED changes to red and the wristband vibrates. A second or third programmer can be set up for different time packages, but more efficient for such cases would be our software programming system.

Wristband + Programmer + Software

User Case: Best for FEC’s where there are admissions packages of different time duration, for example, 60, 90 or 120 minutes of play time for a set fee. The wristband can be set to ‘X’ minutes by selecting the appropriate pre-set on the computer screen and be set to change colour at ‘X’ minutes before the LED on the timer wristband changes to red and the wristband vibrates when time is up.

Programmer Product Information

SM-7700 Programmer

SM-7702 Software

SM-7701 Programmer

LED Timer Wristband Options

Which LED Timer Wristband or Bracelet Do You Need?

Locking, Fixed Size or Adjustable 

Our LED time control wristbands are waterproof, use bright LEDs and come in fixed size, adjustable watch band, or with locking silicone wristband straps. The silicone is easy to clean and offered in standard colours or matched to your FEC branding with MOQ for a turnkey custom branded waterproof LED timer wristband solution.

Easy to Recharge

Each SYNOBAND LED timer wristband or bracelet can be charged and recharged for circa 30 hours of use. Simply line up the wristbands or bracelets on the charging rack between uses and get them ready for the next guest.

With or Without RFID

Add RFID functionality to our LED timer wristbands to modernize the guest experience. LED timer wristbands with RFID functionality allow guests to secure their valuables in RFID lockers or make one-tap RFID payments using SYNOPAYMENTS or other POS system for food and beverage across your venue.

Wristband Product Information

SM-7710-X Wristbands

SM-7703 Charging Station

LED Timer Wristband & Bracelet Applications 

Family Entertainment Centers
Trampoline Parks
Cart Tracks
Bouncy Parks
Bowling Alleys
Arcades & Barcades
Climbing Gyms
Soft Play Parks
Spas & Saunas
Pools & Waterparks
Brand Activations
Private Lounges

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